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8 Personalised Bar Signs That’ll Brighten Up Your Home Bar

8 Personalised Bar Signs That’ll Brighten Up Your Home Bar

New research suggests that 2.7 million households within the United Kingdom have installed home bars in their property since the first national lockdown in March 2020. It’s a significant increase compared to recent years and undeniably a brilliant idea.

After reviewing various posts online of these newly built home bars, most are missing three essential elements: personalisation, uniqueness, and, most importantly, colour. Luckily, there’s a solution to the entirety of these problems, personalised bar signs.

Here at Personalised Gift Studio, we offer our customers an abundance of bar signs specially tailored to their needs. To gain better visualisation of what we offer, I suggest you become familiar with our top eight list below:  

1.   The Original

Unquestionably our Original LED Bar Sign has been a prominent option since they released. The design is unique, relatable, and flattering when paired with the right environment. Unlike our competitors, we provide our customers with the option to customise three different elements on this personalised bar sign:

Additionally, the bar sign comes equipped with high-quality, robust, and vibrant LED lights that can be altered to a preferred colour. The LEDs themselves can be remotely controlled with a mobile application to allow for optimal convenience and personalisation. Because of this, The Original Bar Sign can be implemented into any home bar and look flawless.

2.   Camper Van

Our business’s mission is to make personalised goods accessible for an array of different personalities, niches, and hobbies, to ensure superior customer satisfaction. Because of this, we’ve dedicated the following customisable LED bar sign to those that adore living in nature with a camper van or motor home.

With this sign, you’ll be presented the opportunity to select from two different variants: towing camper van or motor home. Along with this, you can enjoy modifying two different text elements that’ll allow a home bar to become more fitting towards the owners.

Undoubtedly, this is an incredible gift for a loved one or camper enthusiasts bar as it takes them back to fond memories in natural surroundings.

3.   Photo Sign

If you really want to put a staple of ownership on your home bar, then a photo bar sign will showcase exactly that. Commonly, light up bar signs only come in pre-made formats with the option to change the text. However, this sign stands out from the rest.

Having the ability to implement a photo into a bar sign while obtaining maximum personalisation, style, colour, and additional lighting, is superb. Whether you’ve developed a bar, inn, or makeshift pub, it’s a tremendous opportunity to bring more of a “wow factor” to the environment.


4.   Gin Bar

Now, we understand that not everybody loves beer bottles or camper vans, which is fine. Currently, gin (or “mother ruin” back in my day) is now the UK’s favourite spirit, and we have a LED bar sign dedicated to gin lovers across the nation.

With this stylish Gin Bar Sign, you can bring character to your home bar and showcase your passion for this loveable spirit. The design itself represents sunny beaches and good times, fitting the room perfectly.

Like all our LED bar signs, you can choose between a multitude of different colour variations from a mobile application. Our customers can select a light setting that makes their home bar “pop” with colour and joy by having this option.

5.   Man Cave

Perhaps, your spouse, family member, friend, or even yourself isn’t a Gin drinker. In that case, you might be more interested in our Man Cave Bar Sign. Man caves are what they sound like. It’s a place where men can gather, watch sports, drink beer, play bar games, whatever it might be, an adult version of a playground.

Depending on the nature of the man cave, you’ll be given the option to select either a picture of a beer bottle or pint glasses. Along with the other unique customisation choices, it makes for a perfect sign for man cave owners.  

6.   Retro Gamer

We’re well aware that home bars can come in an array of different themes. Suppose you’ve designed your space towards gaming, then this Retro Gamer Sign will be a fantastic option. Bars and retro arcade games are an unbeatable combination, which tons enjoy (including me). Whether you have PacMan, Space Invaders, Street Fighter, or Donkey Kong arcade machines, each can be enjoyed and incorporated with this extraordinarily looking LED bar sign. 

7.   Home Bar

The next light up bar sign we want to showcase is our classic Home Bar Sign. The customisation options available are abundant. Unlike the previous LED bar signs mentioned, this one has four different texts you can modify to make it more tailored to the environment it’ll be placed in.

However, because of its nature, it only comes in two colours: red and blue. The reason for this is to allow different features to stand out more within the sign. But, undeniably, it’s still an incredible option for those wanting to bring more life to their home bar.

8.   New console gamer  

We currently live in a time where retro gamers are becoming less apparent. But don’t worry, we also have a sign dedicated to new console gamers. With this Gamer Sign, you can choose between a PlayStation or Xbox controller as these are unquestionably the two most innovative and favourable consoles right now.

Final words

After seeing the above, you should have a comprehensive idea of the sheer amount of LED bar signs we offer. Each has its own level of customisation, making them ideal for friends, family, spouses, yourself or even your neighbour. Whatever the relationship or occasion, it’ll undoubtedly look remarkably impressive situated in a home bar. They bring a lot of character, uniqueness, and joy, which are some home bar fundamentals.

If you’re interested, consider looking at our range here. Alternatively, if you have any queries about the signs we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.