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Mirror Photo Lamp

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Mirror Photo Lamp - engraved photo on a mirror with a wooden base & LED lighting.

Transform your most memorable photos of your loved ones.
This irresistible engraved photo lamp is beautiful, thoughtful & reusable gift.
Your engraved photo will last indefinitely on this unique heart shape mirror lamp with flower border.
Now there is no need to worry about losing those precious photos or memories stored on your phone or hanging around the house.
Your most memorable photo will be engraved to a high standard,
A truly special personalised gift with a photo of a loved one, occasion, memory or pet.
Only available in this store, fully custom, designed & made in our UK studio.

Personalised options are 

Engraved Photo Any photo engraved
Engraved Photo Any name or text  in the banner
Engraved Photo Includes wood base & LED lighting 
Optional extras are:
Engraved PhotoEngraved personalised message on the wooden base (£3.00)


Why Buy From Us

Engraved Photo Five star reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Engraved Photo Personalised just for you
Engraved Photo Photo is engraved and will not wear off
Engraved Photo Spectacular reusable gift
No need to scan or email photos

Mirror Photo Lamp

If you send images / photos for personalisation, please ensure the photo is of high resolution, good quality and in good light. We can not be held responsible for poor quality images / photos provided for personalisation. High quality, clear images and in good light will ensure high quality results when engraving. 

Please avoid the following types of photos for best results

Too dark, too blurred & ratio to far away.

Production Time (the time we need to make your custom order)

3-5 Working Days


Royal Mail 1st or 2nd Class


Approx 110mm X 180mm x 5mm 
Mirror Official Acrylic
Colour Front
Colour Back
Other Notes
Includes Plug top ,
Wood Base, LED light colour is white or various colours 


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