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Pet Memorial Gift - Poem Heart Photo Block

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Introducing Our Pet Memorial Gift: A Heartfelt Tribute to Cherished Companions

Honor the memory of your beloved pet with our Pet Memorial Gift, a beautiful tribute crafted with love and care. This heartfelt keepsake serves as a lasting reminder of the special bond shared, offering solace and comfort during difficult times. Our Pet Memorial Gift is designed to provide a meaningful and personalized way to cherish the memories of your furry friend, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a heartfelt and sentimental tribute.


In a world filled with joy, love, and play, A dog came into our lives one fine day. With a wag of the tail and a heart so pure, He brought us happiness that would endure.

Through bounding fields and joyful chases, He filled our hearts with cherished embraces. His gentle eyes, full of warmth and delight, Lit up our days and brought us respite.

With each wag of his tail, a smile was born, His presence in our lives, a blessing sworn. In his paws, we found solace and peace, A furry companion, whose love would never cease.

He taught us loyalty, beyond measure, And the true meaning of unconditional treasure. Through playful antics and a wagging grin, He reminded us of life's simple joy within.

Though he's no longer by our side, His spirit lingers, a love that won't hide. In our hearts, his memory remains, A faithful friend, who forever reigns.

So let us cherish the moments we shared, For his love and happiness can never be impaired. In the tapestry of our lives, he'll forever be a part, A beloved companion, etched in our heart.

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additional information:

 What's in the box?

 Photo Heart Block

 How long will it take to make?

(Production Time)

3-5 working days - standard

 Delivery options

Fully Tracked Service - 2 - 3 Working Days

 Product sizes

 200mm x 100mm


 High quality official acrylic

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